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Campaign Political Services

- General strategic campaign consulting 
- Voter data base consulting and analysis 
- Voter Targeting Direct mail and print advertisements  
- User-friendly voter files and walk lists 
- Phone banking (live and automated) 
- Production, placement, and purchasing of television
    advertisements (Cable and network) 
- Identification of credible election legal counsel 
​- Website Design and development, hosting and management

- Strategic Consultation on message development and effective

   communication to voters 

- Professional Fundraising by Consultant Rebecca Johnson 

Lobbying Professional Services

24/7 available at all times for client inquires 

- Competent, logical and strategic advice to achieve objectives 

- Reasonable rates and fee structures 

- Our Firm represents public and private clients in zoning, procurement

   and government contracts, and appeals

- Our Firm has extensive experience in Government Relations