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Campaign Political Services Client List


Joseph Celestin - Mayor North Miami and Re-Election Campaign, First Haitian Mayor in The United States
Jacques Despinosse
- Councilman North Miami
Michael Blynn
- Councilman North Miami-3 Victories
Scott Galvin
- Councilman-North Miami
Al Dorne
- Mayor North Bay Village
Joe Geller
- Mayor North Bay Village-Re-Elect Campaign
Oscar Alfonso
- Mayor North Bay Village
Jay Mann
- Commissioner North Bay Village
Eric Isicoff
- Commissioner North Bay Village
Armand Abecassis
- Commissioner North Bay Village
John Patrick Julien
- Councilman North Miami Beach
Howard Weinberg
- Commissioner of Aventura

Fortuna Smukler - Commisioner North Miami Beach
Jay R. Chernoff 
- Commisioner North Miami Beach
Phillip Schoenberger
 - North Bay Village Commissioner

Michael Gongora - Commissioner of Miami Beach
Marc Narotsky
- Aventura Commission
Mayor Connie Leon-Kreps
- North Bay Village
Re-Election Isaac Aelion
- Sunny Isles Beach Commission
Fabiola Stuyvesant
- Sunny Isles Beach Commission
Jeniffer Viscarra
- Sunny Isles Beach Commission
Mayor Rodeny Harris
- Miami Gardens
Reggie Leon
- Miami Gardens Commissioner

Frantz Pierre - Commissioner North Miami Beach Re-Elect Campaign
Deede Weithorn 
- Commissioner Miami Beach-Runoff Election

Isaac Aelion - Commissioner Sunny Isles Beach
George Burch
- Mayor of Miami Shores
Prospero Herrera
- Councilman Miami Shores Village
Stephen Loffredo
- Councilman Miami Shores ​Village
Mariette Saint
- Vil-Mayor of El Portal-First Female Haitian Mayor in USA
Vanessa Joseph
- North Miami Clerk
Jean Monestime
- Councilman North Miami
Frank Wolland
- Mayor of North Miami

Charter Amendment Campaign North Miami
Ray Marin
- Mayor of North Miami Beach
Anthony DeFillipo
- North Miami Beach Mayor
Evan Piper
- Mayor of North Miami Beach